Vocational Habilitation For Disabled Adults

At Aspiring Hands, Inc. we believe that everyone can contribute to the community and due to that, we created our vocational habilitation program, which assists adults with disabilities learn skills so that they can transition into jobs. Our vocational habilitation program is community based in Toledo, Ohio. By participating in a program which is 100% community based, clients are able to find their role, acquire work and social skills; and give back to the community at the same time.

In our vocational habilitation program, clients acquire new skills through onsite training. Our belief and structure to this program is to encourage job skill building around the client’s capacity.

A few of the activities that our clients participate in to help them achieve this includes:

  • Project Pizza
  • Share our grounds
  • Mentoring high school students and participating in after school programs.

Our clients that participate in the vocational habilitation program not only learn skills that they can transition into jobs, but they also learn socialization to help further their success. By combining skills with socialization and communication tools, our clients are given the necessary building blocks to perform jobs in the community.

Since our vocational habilitation program is community based, our clients are learning new skills while they are also enriching the lives of others. For example, our clients who participate in high school mentoring programs are gaining knowledge and skills, but they are also helping another individual.

If you’d like more information about our vocational habilitation program in Toledo, Ohio, contact Aspiring Hands, Inc. at your convenience.